Daily Links

Daily Links

Pay Closer Attention to YouTube (TwistImage.com)

Building off of yesterday’s YouTube link. YouTube will aslo display adds on the paid subscription videos as well.

Here’s Why You Should Never Wet Out to Go Viral (Mashable.com)

We all want out videos to go viral (at least the good ones), but that can be risky. This article discusses why that shouldn’t be the primary goal.

The Best Social Media Tools of 2013 (So Far) (PRDaily.com)

Some useful tools to promote, manage and inspire your content.

8 Ways to Increase the Chances that You’ll Get Funding for Your Media Startup (Poynter.org)

I feel like a lot of these tips apply to more than just media startups. There is an entrepreneur in all of us.

Mountain Dew Spot in Bali (blog.vincentlaforet.com)

Might be a little technical, but you can see the amount of effort that goes into creating a commercial.


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